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“There are two qualities I look for in any physician I’ve had to see over the years: physician expertise and genuine care by the physician for his/her patients. Furthermore, part of a doctors care for his patients is his ability to blend his expertise as a physician with his patients preferences for care. Since becoming a patient at Allergy and Asthma Care, Dr. Kelkar has provided me with all of these important physician qualities.” - Bill

“Hello Amazing staff! Thank you for the special care that our daughter received today during her first OIT appointment. Her entire care team was supportive, friendly, and made her feel comfortable! We appreciate Dr.Helm in how he took so much time to answer our questions, reassure our daughter, and is just all around AMAZING!!!!! His approach is full of kindness, humor, and quality professionalism!!!” - Nancy & Troy

“I was very pleased with my experience with Dr. Kelkar at Allergy and Asthma Care. When I was explaining my symptoms he listened to me and I could tell that he truly was there to help . I really appreciated Dr. Kelkar’s kindness and care. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for care with their allergy and asthma symptoms. A++!”

- Maria

My wife had been experiencing a worsening cough for many years that was becoming highly disruptive to her everyday life.  She had seen various doctors and tried several treatments that had been unsuccessful.  Our primary doctor eventually referred her to Dr. Kelkar whom he labeled as a “difficult-to-diagnose cough expert.”  We were immediately impressed with Dr. Kelkar’s thorough review  of possible causes.  He explained each possibility in easily understandable language.  After methodically running tests of each option, he diagnosed her with chronic hypersensitive cough receptor syndrome.  He referred us to a speech therapist.  We admit to great skepticism about that referral but did as he suggested and were extremely pleased to find that after performing a scope test of her nasal track and throat, she taught my wife some exercises that provided immediate results of being able to suppress the severity of her coughs.  Dr. Kelkar prescribed some medication that actually greatly reduced her urges to cough as well as some over-the-counter medications that also helped.  Today at a follow-up visit, we were also highly impressed that Dr. Kelkar advised us, now that the coughing problem had been resolved, to gradually reduce the medications to determine if they were still needed.  He supports our desire to only take medications that are needed.  Without hesitation, we highly recommend seeing him at one of his Twin Cities Allergy or Allina locations if you are having difficulty with chronic coughs!”

- Joe & Mary

Dr. Kelkar was recommended to me by my ENT.  I appreciate Dr. Kelkar taking the time to kindly listen.  He had a holistic approach, we discussed diet modification, supplements and medications.  Dr. Kelkar provided very compassionate and encompassing care.  I credit Dr. Kelkar with saving my life by finding cancer in a CT scan, he was so thorough with the care he provided.  He is an amazing doctor, who truly cares about his patients.

- Cheryl A.

I have had a cough for over 20 years and I was misdiagnosed with asthma by other physicians and it just did not seem to be getting better.  Then I was referred to Dr. Kelkar, he truly listened, I felt like other doctors just moved me along.  He listens and takes the time to hear your concerns.  My cough has greatly improved with diet modification and medication.  I am very happy and impressed with Dr. Kelkar.  I would recommend him to everyone.

- Cheryl B.

I have suffered with asthma my whole life, was diagnosed as an infant. I struggled as a child, couldn’t be involved in sports, was held back from playing and trips. I learned this was my normal. I became an adult, would have to miss work for extended periods of time if I caught any kind of chest cold or respiratory illness. I met Dr. Kelkar after one episode lasted a month. I was excited to try the new things he suggested, since I was on so many medications. He gave me a vitamin regime and new dietary plan. He used medications to stabilize me, with the goal to get my body healthier and take the medication away. We did allergy testing and started allergy shots. My life was completely changed! I had energy and I felt great!  If I get sick now, it doesn’t last as long and I can work through it or only miss a couple days.  I am on a lot less medication and can enjoy life. I highly recommend Asthma and Allergy Care, Dr. Kelkar is life changing and cares about his patients.

- Sarah

The sign of a great doctor is one who truly wants to see his patients cured and Dr. Kelkar certainly fits that description. I began seeing Dr. Kelkar for extreme allergies about 8 years ago. His genuine interest in my health and wellbeing was a welcome change from many other doctors I’ve seen. His expertise has truly been a life changer for me. When medications weren’t right for me, he pointed me in the direction of an anti-inflammatory diet which helped immensely in all aspects of my health. I also chose to pursue immunotherapy on his recommendation and am happily living mostly symptom free now. Though I myself no longer need to visit regularly, my son is under Dr. Kelkar’s care for nut allergies. I really appreciate that he is always up to date on the latest options available for treating my son. His friendly smile and demeanor puts my son at ease during our appointments. We have been extremely happy with the quality of Dr. Kelkar’s care and I would recommend him to anyone!

- Kari

I saw Dr. Kelkar for a bad cough that had been bothering me for 7-8 months.  I was miserable!!  His diagnosis & treatment has made me feel 100% better!!  I can’t thank him enough for the wonderful care.  I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone!!

- Lynn

41 years of chronic coughing resolved – Dr. Kelkar’s knowledge, experience and unique approach helped me immensely.

My wife found Allergy and Asthma Care, PA on the internet. We both had enough of my chronic coughing, so she scheduled me an app’t with Dr. Kelkar. I tried allergy shots when I was a kid and that didn’t seem to help. As an adult, I’d been misdiagnosed by my primary with asthma and variations of asthma (exercise and allergy induced, etc.). Dr. Kelkar listed all the common root causes of chronic cough and then he said, “you’ve been treated for allergies and asthma your entire life. It’s probably not allergies or asthma.” Dr. Kelkar prescribed a bland diet with vitamin/mineral supplements for 30 days in an effort to diagnose reflux as a possible root cause. I was skeptical, but desperate, so I did it. During the course of the next 30 days, I quickly realized that my old diet was indeed causing my chronic cough. On my follow-up visit, Dr. Kelkar explained how food sensitivities were triggering my cough. He prescribed some holistic treatment options to subsidize diet changes that I learned were required to improve my quality of life. Dr. Kelkar and his friendly staff are the best in the business. Thank you!
- Michael


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